Hello! It's Gigi. And we're back! After a long hiatus. If you read the bio, I first launched this group back in 2012 - it was a fun quartet with fun musicians and fun times. Alas, we worked many non-AH gigs and eventually went our own different directions, everyone doing other things. Fast forward to NOW - after being approached to play the Idyllwild Concert Series (after performing many times with Lisa Haley & the Zydekats) - I entered into discussions with an anonymous, mysterious individual to figure out exactly what I was going to do, what direction to go, etc. And here we are - pretty much a new band & a new sound.

I'm looking forward to new Atomic Hipster adventures. And since you are reading this, I hope you'll be a part of the adventure. Because musicians and their audience should be in the experience together, right? I thought so....

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